Areas covered:
I work throughout Central Scotland; if further away please feel free to give me a message to see if I cover your area.

I will attempt to group together clients in the same area so no travel costs are incurred; if you require me to attend outwith that schedule, a travel charge may apply.

My working days are Thursday-Sunday.

Standard consultation £40 per horse Full consultation including recommendations (provided verbally if minimal or in written form if more extensive), including trim if necessary
Consultation – multiple horses 3+£35 per horseFull consultation, recommendations and trim as required; for associated horses at the same yard or owned by the same person
Behavioural training£40Working on hoof handling issues with positive reinforcement

Payment can be made in cash or BACS, and is ideally paid by the end of the appointment, latest within one week of the visit

Cancellation policy and payment terms:
I always attempt to allow for emergencies both with rescheduling appointments as well as payment terms and take into account personal circumstances; however my standard terms are as per below.

Payment can be made via cash or bank transfer, ideally during my trim visit. If required, payment can be made within 7 days of my trim visit.

If a payment is late and has been chased unsuccessfully twice, the next appointment will be made available to other clients until payment has been received. If this happens on more than one occasion, payment at point of booking will be required for appointments going forward. It will be at my discretion when this can revert back to normal payment terms.

Less than 48 hours notice will be charged at half price, less than 24 hours’ notice or no shows will be charged at the full price.

I will attempt to reschedule for the next available date in the area; if this is not possible and/or the next visit extends the trim cycle beyond what would be considered appropriate for the individual horse, a set-up trim fee of £10 may be applicable at the rescheduled visit.